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  1. Hi
    I have read one story but I forget the book name. I am able to recover some scenes from that story if you read that pls say me the book and author name.
    The Hero and heroine who got married in city.After some months they came to their native place there hero's aunt and her daughter are there. Hero's aunt want heros full property so she gave him a drug mooligai called mayakkum malligai. Heroine wants to save her husband so she went to the forest to collect the medicine which cures the hero is the entire story.
    If you read this pls suggest that book and author name.

  2. I thought that you read nayakkar malligai

  3. i think that called ABHAYA MALLI

  4. I have read a story in half and I forget the name of the story. Can anyone tell me the name of the story ?
    The story goes like this, Raagini, female lead is the secretary for male lead, male lead love her and insist her to marry him. When she married him, the male lead father had been plotting a plan to kill her. But it fails he goes to a malayali mantravadhi he says that raagini is having soul his lover who was murdered because of him. he's just saying to scare him, make money out of him way story goes

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